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Sunday April 16th, 2023
Posted by SJ Zero

Is it happening?!?!?!

No, it's not happening. However; I did clean up some longstanding broken things. Took out dead email addresses, pointed many dead forum links at the functioning federated message board on FBXL Lotide, and fixed some broken links. Pour one out for my homies who are no longer with us. I didn't realize I didn't have FBXL Audio Edition, so I added some archives I found online.

I've got a new book out, The Graysonian Ethic: Lessons for my unborn son. It's available on Amazon around the world.

I'm working on a new FreeBASIC book, a crash course that'll cover many of the things I thought were important along the way for myself.

Saturday June 26th, 2021
Posted by SJ Zero

What the heck, an update?

Yes, and a big one but not a big one...

No new issue, but I've set up the FBXL network, a series of websites intended to help people wean themselves off of big tech.

FBXL Social is a social network on the fediverse

FBXL Video is a streaming video site on the fediverse

FBXL Lotide is a reddit style forum with fediverse support

FBXL Search is a metasearch engine that looks at a dozen different websites to get great search results

FBXL Matrix is a server utilizing the Matrix protocol. It will be federated later this year but is presently not. hosts an XMPP server, a federated instant messaging server also hosts an Unreal Tournament 99 server

finally for now, hosts a minecraft server

These websites are ad-free on my end, and as far from big tech as it's possible to be. I created all this because I wanted to get away from big tech, but I hope that others can make use of them as well.

Sunday October 02, 2006
Posted by SJ Zero

Finally, we've got a web presence once again. Many things have happened since QBXL.NET was unceremoniously dumped from the Internet. Lots of new freinds have shows up in the community, and lots of new issues need to be covered. Finally, at long last, The staff at QuickBASIC Accelerator magazine has been given the chance to cast off the shackels of the old, and re-emerge, like something humorous that re-emerges, which possibly relates somehow to popular culture.

Yes, we're going to have to work on that...

What is FreeBASIC XL Magazine? It's simply a magazine dedicated to poking fun at the QB/FB community while trying to deliver hard hitting, entertaining, and factual reviews, editorials, and articles.

Is it something new? No. FreeBASIC XL is the latest evolution of QBXL Magazine, which existed all the way back in those bygone days of 2001.

What is FBXL Audio Edition? It's an aggregate of news from the community and around the world which may or may not be made up, presented in a humorous format.

To old readers, welcome back. To new readers, welcome to FreeBASIC Accelerator Magazine. May God have mercy on your souls.